How To Update the Radix DM Client

The Radix DM Client is the software installed on each user's computer.  The Radix DM Client provides the Radix DM Grabber, Save and Search functions.  Updated versions of the Radix DM Client are made available to clients.


Checking which version of Radix DM is currently installed

To see which version of Radix DM is currently installed, right click the Radix DM Grabber and click About.  A dialog box will be displayed.  The number shown beside Version is the version currently installed on the computer being used.  Please note it is not possible to have two different versions of the Radix DM Client installed on a computer at the same time.  The Radix DM Client Update will always uninstall the old version automatically before installing the new version.


How is the Radix DM Client Update installed?

The Radix DM client is installed in either of the following ways:

  1. If your network administrator previously installed the Radix DM Client as a Group Policy Object (GPO) then all Radix DM Client updates should also be installed using GPO.  This is the preferred option as the Radix DM Client update is installed automatically on all required computers the next time users log in and no manual installation is required.  Please see your network administrator for details.
  2. Alternatively, if the Radix DM Client was installed individually on each computer then the Radix DM Client can be made available from the server and installed on each computer using the Update Client button on the About dialog box which can be accessed by right clicking on the Radix DM Grabber.  Note the client must be installed by a user with administrative privileges on the computer.


Forcing Radix DM Client Updates

Most Radix DM Client Updates allow both old and the current version of the Radix DM client to run on the same network.  However, sometimes new features in the Radix DM Client means that old Radix DM Client versions will no longer run on the network.  In this case, after Step 2 below is completed, users will no longer be able to use Radix DM Save and Search until their Radix DM Client is updated.  If GPO is not used then the About dialog will be displayed automatically whenever the Radix DM Grabber is started, prompting users to immediately click on the Update Client button (see Step 3 below).


Step 1:  Preparation

Only Radix DM Administrators can perform these tasks.  A server reboot will not be required.


Step 2:  Download the latest Radix DM Client to your Radix DM server

Go to the Downloads section of the Radix DM support website. 

Click the Radix DM 2.0.XX Client Update (where XX is the latest version number).  Please read the notes carefully.  Click the link to download and save the file to the Desktop or other convenient location.

Open the Radix DM Administration panel by right clicking the Radix DM Grabber and selecting Administration.  Open the Maintenance options on the left side of the Radix DM Administration panel, then click Updates.  The list of previously installed updates will be listed.  Click the Update button above the list, a browse dialog will be displayed.  Navigate to the downloaded Radix DM Client Update file and click Open.

When the operation is complete the Radix DM Client is ready to be installed on each workstation.  


Step 3:  Install the Radix DM Client with GPO

 Please see your network administrator and request that the latest Radix DM Client version be rolled out using GPO. 

Please note the Radix DM Client installation package is located in the xx\RadixDM\Installations folder where "x" is the network share to the Radix DM server files, e.g.\\myserver\Radix\RadixDM\Installations\RadixDMClient2.0.31


OR Step 3:  Install the Radix DM Client from each computer

For each workstation with Radix DM installed:

  1. Log on as a user that has elevated privileges (local write access). 
  2. Ensure no Microsoft Office applications are running including Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Ensure no Radix DM Save or Search dialogs are displayed and that the Quick Launch is not visible.
  4. Start the Radix DM Grabber if not already running.  Right click the Grabber and click About.
  5. Click the Update Client button on the About dialog box.  The existing Radix DM Client will be uninstalled and the new client installed.  The installation should take one to two minutes depending on the speed of the network connection.


Manual Installation of the Client

The Radix DM Client is a standard Microsoft Windows MSI package and can be easily uninstalled from the Windows Control Panel and reinstalled by double clicking on setup.exe in the client installation folder, e.g. \\myserver\Radix\RadixDM\Installations\RadixDMClient2.0.31\setup.exe.


Further Information

Please submit a Support ticket through the Radix Software Support Centre if any assistance is required.


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