How To Update the Radix DM Indexer

The Radix DM Indexer is installed on one server at each location using Radix DM.  The Radix DM Indexer indexes new and changed files in preparation for Document Text searches.  Updated versions of the Radix DM Indexer are made available on the Download section of this website.  Please note: when the new version of the Indexer has been installed, the indexes will need to be recreated. To do this, delete the files in the shared Index folder after installation. While this is happening, text searches will not function correctly until the indexing is completed.


Step 1: Preparation

Only system administrators can perform these tasks.  A server reboot will not be required. 


Step 2: Download the latest Radix DM Indexer to your Radix DM server

Go to the Downloads section of the Radix DM support website.

Click the Radix DM 2.0.XX Indexer Update (where XX is the latest version number). Please read the notes carefully.  Click the link to download and save the file to the Desktop or other convenient location.


Step 3: Copy and extract installation files

Create a new folder RadixDMIndexerService2.0.YY at xx\RadixDM\Installations\ where "xx" is the network share to the Radix DM server files and YY is the current version number, e.g. \\myserver\Radix\RadixDM\Installations\RadixDMIndexerService2.0.31.  Since you are upgrading your version of the Radix DM Indexer, there should already be a similar folder in this location with an earlier version number.

Extract the files RadixDMIndexerService.msi and setup.exe from the downloaded ZIP file to this location.

Copy the RadixDMClient.Config file from the base installation folder location xx\RadixDM\Installations\ to the new RadixDMIndexerService2.0.YY folder.


Step 4: Install the Radix DM Indexer

Run setup.exe from the RadixDMIndexerService2.0.XX folder and follow the prompts.  Enter the user name (the domain component is automatically completed) of the user with administrator rights to run the Radix DM Indexer service, and the password for that account.

A icon is created on the Desktop which allows the Radix DM Indexer configuration tool to be opened.  

Please note that the service does not restart automatically.  Use the Radix DM Indexer Manager to ensure the Radix DM Indexer service is running and is set to start automatically.


Further Information

Please submit a Support ticket through the Radix Software Support Centre if any assistance is required.


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