How To Update your Radix DM Licence

Updating Licence Information

You will receive by email an updated Radix DM licence key whenever you purchase additional licences for Radix DM. The new licence key will allow you to add users in Radix DM Administration up to the Max User Count shown on the licence schedule.  Please note Administrators are included in the user count.


Step 1: Preparation

  1. Only Radix DM Administrators can perform these tasks. Users can continue working while performing this update.  

  2. Ensure you have your new licence keys at hand. Contact for more information.

Step 2: Update the Licence Keys

  1. Open Radix DM Administration by right clicking the Radix DM Grabber and selecting Administration.

  2. Click the Licensing button (bottom left). The current licence details will be displayed.

  3. Update the Max User Count and Max User Key fields according to the details shown in the supplied licence agreement schedule.

  4. Click Save and a dialog box will be displayed confirming the validity of the details entered. Radix DM Administration will then close and should be restarted as in Step 1.

Step 3: Add New Users / Modify Non-Users

  1. Open Radix DM Administration (if not already open) by right clicking the Radix DM Grabber and selecting Administration.

  2. Select the Security option group.

  3. Click Users and the list of users will be displayed in the right pane.

  4. Additional users can be added from here or non-users changed to users up to the Max User Count.


Further Information

Please submit a Support ticket through the Radix Software Support Centre if any assistance is required.


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